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2024 Finals Added Money  As Of 3/01/2024

$23,555 & Growing

Membership List As of 3/1/2024- Missing? Email
Points As of 3/1/2024- Some races have not been received yet. 
Open, Derby, Futurity,
Co Sanction 40 Attendance Points + Monies Won
Prime Race 50 Attendance Points + Monies Won
Any issues? Email , Please take into account some results may not have been submitted yet.
POINTS RULE: You have 30 Days to Contest points, you must write in an email the problem. We will look into it and then determine the proper remediation. After 30 Days points are FINAL. You must be a member prior to the event taking place, if you pay a co-sanction and are not member-ed you will not receive points or qualifiers. Memberships are good from June 1, 2023-June,1 2024. Memberships are online and available 24/7
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